Forests of Land and Sea

Hearing of Global Canvas, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation annual children’s art competition, a talented group of our Form 6 art pupils have worked energetically during their lunchtimes, at home and in Art Club to create a collaborative entry.

With an exciting theme inspired by “Forests of Land and Sea” the group created a three-dimensional tree that represents the damaging impact of pollution on our planet. Constructed from papier mâché, one side of the central tree construction displays models of vibrant wildlife, insects, birds and flora, while the other side in contrast exhibits pollution, decay and dying sea life.

Taking control of the process and the development of the artwork the group displayed thought and concern for our planet’s environment and the incredible wildlife that inhabits it. We will have to wait until the end of March to discover if the team’s striking entry has been successful.

Creative Team
Lexi H
Shaan P
Raya H
Hiral V
Olivia-Grace W
Aania P
Trisha D
Surina S
Remi A
Ela A
Temy M
Charlotte D
Emma C
Prèma D