Safari Discovery

The sun shone brightly for Form 3 on their visit to West Midlands Safari Park drawing all of the animals out for their safari drive-through!

It was a wonderful adventure for the children to see the rhinos, deer, buffalo, lionesses with their cubs, white tigers, statuesque giraffes, and an impressive white lion who posed for them as they drove past!

They had an exciting Ice and Stone Age tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide which enhanced the children's class-based learning this term on the Stone Age. Chloe, their guide, was astounded with the children's knowledge of this period and their sophisticated vocabulary.

They watched the penguins being fed and a park keeper took time to introduce all of the penguins to the group and told them about their very different personalities, and in the afternoon they enjoyed a small animals show which generated lots of very impressive questions! 

A wonderful day was had by all.