Young Voices Unite at Resorts World Arena

What a night!! Form 6 were 'out, out' on Friday night joining a choir of 6,500 children's voices at Young Voices 2023, Resort World Arena.

It was our first visit to the concert since January 2020. Rehearsing began in earnest after half term in October and, under the direction of Everfield’s Director of Music, Mr Biggs, the children learned over 20 songs from a wide range of music genres, some of them composed specifically for Young Voices 2023, along with a series of specially choreographed moves.

It all came together perfectly on Friday, and with contemporary musical guest appearances, a beat box group and Urban Strides, fun and enjoyment were the order of the day. A capacity audience filled the arena, and at the end of the performance 12,000 people left having experienced an evening celebrating some of the good things still happening in our turbulent world.