Piecing together the past

As part of their Latin studies Form 6 were fortunate to spend a day exploring Chedworth Roman Villa. Cradled in a beautiful Cotswold valley the active archaeological site boasts one of the largest mosaic floors in the country and offers a rare insight into Roman life in Britain, supporting much of the work the pupils have spent the past few years studying.

A tour of the ancient walls saw the children learning about the history of one of Roman Britain's grandest villas and the lives of the people involved in maintaining it. The children saw first-hand how a hypocaust system of underfloor heating would have worked and got to stand in the various rooms of an actual Roman bath house before marvelling at the astonishing floor mosaics that have been preserved at the Villa. Then pupils were able to try out their own mosaic skills by designing coasters that they proudly took home to their families.