Eversfield’s Unipart Engineering Challenge

The Unipart Engineering challenge involved all the pupils in Form 6 and began with a visit to Unipart Manufacturing. During the trip they took part in various activities. These included bridge building where they discovered various ways to strengthen materials, design drawing and Knex car racing where they learnt about the physics of motion. Upon returning to school, the children challenged to use their newly acquired knowledge to design and produce a prototype for their own battery operated car which was able to travel for at least three metres. Working in teams of four, each pupil produced their own design and the team then agreed on which one to manufacture. 

Over the following few weeks the teams took on the roles of manufacturer, electrician, engineer and presenter. There were plenty of problems to resolve and the teams had to work together efficiently in order to meet to meet the deadline set by Mrs Sliney, Subject Leader of Science. Finally, each team made their presentation to the judges, engineers from Unipart, where they were all questioned about their designs. Despite being apprehensive about this all the pupils rose to the challenge and fielded the questions in a mature and reasoned approach. Having questioned the teams on their designs the judges announced a winner. Congratulations to Zak, Jeevan, Haris and Abdul, this year’s winners of the Unipart Trophy!