Stig of the Dump: Creative Writing Form 3

To fit in with our prehistoric theme this term, pupils in 3PF have read the beginning of Stig in the Dump, a book enjoyed by Miss Freeman when she was a child. A boy called Barney is fascinated by the chalk pit near his grandmother’s house and ends up tumbling into it. Landing in a strange cave-like shelter full of junk, he begins to realise he is not alone. The brief for the children was to continue the story, creating tension, and ultimately to reveal who else or what else was there.


In the Dump by Alexander (3PF)

Barney stood up. He turned his head slowly to look around. All around him was rubbish and chalk. It was so quiet it felt like the whole world had been muted. As he peered in to the darkness he saw two gleaming blue eyes glaring in to his. Barney stopped as if he had been hit by a freeze ray. He gasped. He felt goosebumps on his legs. His heart beat faster than a cheetah.

The eyes began to move ……….. closer …………….closer……….closer. Suddenly Barney saw a dirty hand reach out of the darkness. Then another hand even dirtier. They looked like they hadn’t been washed for 2000 years. Then the head and legs came into view. Barney’s mouth widened as he waited for the creature to speak …………..


In the Dump by Aisha (3PF)

There was somebody there!

Or something!

Barney dared not to move or dared not to speak. He froze with fear and tried to scream but nothing would come out of his tiny mouth. Who was this person, or was it even a person? Barney could hear heavy breathing and it was getting nearer and nearer. Barney was petrified and he wanted to be in his comfortable home. Barney tried to untie his legs so he could escape the chalk pit but he couldn’t. Then suddenly Barney began to get worried because the creature might kill him. He felt the hot breath of the creature on his cheek and Barney thought it was a dragon. No, Barney, he thought, stop being silly. Then who was this fiery creature? Barney saw that the creature had two huge eyes as big an elephant which stared at Barney. This made Barney nervous. Now Barney realised it was a man, an angry looking man. He was glaring at Barney with the most meanest frown. Finally he plucked up some courage and said, “Who are you and why are you here?”


In the Dump by Harriet (3PF)

Barney shivered with shock. Tears welled up in his eyes like raindrops falling from grey clouds. His eyes were fooling him that he saw something but he knew deep inside his sore body that there was actually someone there! His eyes were so full of tears they ran down his chalky face. He gently wiped the tears away with his bruised hand, so he could see what was looking at him more clearly.

In the gloomy shadow he saw two shining baby doll eyes which reminded him of his old grandma. He knew it wasn’t her staring at him because the eyes were brighter and bigger.

Barney’s head hurt so intently trying to think of what was staring at him. The eyes were moving closer and closer ……Barney gasped with fear and he felt his heart pounding like a horse in a race. He shut his eye and was scared as the eyes popped out and Barney screamed HELP…..