Maths Mastery and Pop-up Cafes

Collaboration was key for Form 6 as they worked apprentice-style on their pop-up café business ventures as part of a Maths multi-skills challenge during Lent term.

Working in teams the young entrepreneurs developed scale drawings of their café layouts, drew on creativity to develop their marketing materials, and worked through their costings and pricing policy carefully to maximise profitability on their chosen menu.

They were ‘open’ for customers with tempting menus attracting multiple orders for all of the cafes, but which of the ventures would actually be the most profitable?

Having calculated the total customer spend and profit, team Lunar Café was pronounced the winner. The Lunar Café team (Rosa and Olivia) were clever with their pricing and delivered a huge profit. They were also strategic with the layout and number of chairs available allowing them to cater for more visitors than some of the other cafés.