Aztec Adventures

After months of restrictions, isolations and cancellations, the guidelines eased, and Mr Robbins seized the opportunity to organise a special day of outdoor activities for Form 6 at Aztec Activity Parc. One of our young reporters, Karan, shares their adventures.  


Aztec Adventures by young reporter Karan (Form 6)

The amazing day comprised of kayaking, canoeing, archery and climbing and, as it was our last trip at Eversfield, we planned to make the most of it. After a year spent missing out on trips away such as PGL and the Isle of Wight, I was really excited to spend time with my friends, and I made sure my mum packed extra snacks we could share together.  On the coach we all made sure we brought fun games so that we could pass the time, I personally enjoyed playing charades and card games with Daniel and Hao Hao. Other boys on the bus played 21 dares which sounded fun too.

When we arrived we were split into four groups, led by Mrs English, Mr Sliney, Mr Robbins and Mrs Buxton. I was in Mrs English’s group; she was fun as she got involved in the activities. The first activity we did was kayaking. We had to wear buoyancy aids for safety. In canoeing there are two or three people in a boat and you use double ended paddles. In my boat, there was myself, Suleiman and Freddie. Suleiman kept rocking the boat and I was afraid it was going to capsize! I accidently caught Freddie with my paddle a few times, but he just laughed it off because he knew it was an accident. We played lots of games, such as tag where we had to throw a ball onto another boat. This was my favourite game, although we failed miserably! After the games the instructor chose Maryam and Lily to guide us back to the bank as they were the most improved during the session. When we got to the bank, we jumped into the water to cool ourselves down; it was great fun!

The next activity was canoeing using a one ended paddle. Team work is more important in a canoe than in a kayak, and we had two or three people in each canoe; I was with Suleiman and Martin. It was great fun as we practised paddling as a team and even stood up on the canoe. We almost capsized as again we had a boat rocker (not mentioning any names!).  After the canoeing we splashed around and played catch in the water; it was great as the weather was hot. My water shoes kept falling off and all my friends found it funny as they kept bobbing in the water!

Time for lunch! We headed back to the marquee where we had earlier left our bags and sat down and shared our lunch. I especially enjoyed the drumstick that Suleiman traded for my Skittles packet. My egg sandwiches hadn’t travelled well as the heat had got to them (note for next time, don’t pack egg sandwiches or egg in general). Luckily my mum had packed lots of snacks to keep me going throughout the day.

Onto the afternoon activities! The first one was archery. This was amazing and one of my favourite activities of the day. We got to learn about the intricate techniques and the concentration needed to get a bullseye. As I tried to set my arrow it kept falling; it was quite a tricky thing to do. Maryam managed to get two bullseyes and she had never done archery before! I was also quite good at aiming although I didn’t get any bullseyes. We had a team competition to see who the best archery team was, and Suleiman and I teamed up. We came second to Maryam and India who won by three points.

The final activity of the day was crate stacking, Mrs English got involved. It was quite tricky and involved lots of team work. We had to stack crates on top of each other so that the climbers could step up to get to the top. My favourite jobs were the climbing and stacking as they were the most active. Another task was to pull the ropes to keep the climbing person safely up. Unfortunately none of us managed to stack all the crates to the top but Maryam and Lily came closer than any of us with only three crates to spare!

We had time at the end and so Mrs English suggested a game of Charades. We all played solo, Suleiman managed to guess ‘The Lord of The Rings’ that Freddie came up with, even though Freddie had only said “a book and movie that was five words”. We were all impressed.

Sadly the trip had to end but we made lots of lasting memories that I will keep for the rest of my life. It was a great experience and I would do it all over again if I could.

By Karan (Form 6)