Skyscraper City British Science Week

To mark British Science Week, Mrs Sliney worked with the children to see ‘Who can build the tallest tower?’

Kicking off the week-long programme Reception called on the aid of their Year 6 buddies to assist with their construction challenge. Kindergarten and Nursery drafted in assistance from Form 5. Forms 1 and 2 followed and listened carefully to clues from Mrs Sliney about ‘Which towers would stand up to a hurricane best?’ and tips on ‘What shapes and characteristics the world’s tallest buildings share?’ Using Kapla construction sets the possibilities were endless and the results from Kindergarten, Nursery, Reception, Forms 1, 2 and 3 were impressive both visually and structurally.

The challenge stepped up for Upper School as they set to work designing and building their skyscrapers out of paper. They tested different theories on which shapes were strongest and endeavoured to incorporate their findings into their designs - with mixed results from Forms 4, 5 and 6!

The whole school enjoyed a fantastic week designing and building their towers with skyscraper cities completed in record times. The overall school winners were the Form 6 trio Lexi, David and William whose construction soared to 2 metres 9 cm. 


Construction Challenge Winners
Lower School - Joseph C, Sarange O, Leo B
Middle School - Yahya O, Rohan A, Yusuf M
Upper School - Lexi H, David O, William J


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