Going the Distance on Sports Day

As far as the sporting calendar goes, it does not get much bigger than Sports Day. All the children compete in track and field events, with the field events all taking part before the running races that are viewed by spectators. 

This meant that going into the MS Sports Day, the Angles had built up a healthy lead of the Saxons: 109 points to 77. There are still plenty of races to go and the weather was favourable. For the first time in 3 years, a crowd was able to come and watch all the races. Starting the day with a lead after the field events, the Angles continued to build momentum and their score, never relinquishing the lead that they had built up. The final score was Saxons 138, Angles 198

In US, Sports Day was back on at the Norman Green Running Track. A similar pattern evolved with one house taking an early lead in the field events, and never relinquishing it. This time it was the Saxons who triumphed, scoring 279 points to the Angles 221. However, on US Sports Day there are three house trophies up for contention: the Athletics Cup, Tug-o-War and House Relay. Saxons had already won the Athletics Cup and were now setting about winning the other two. Tug-o-war was next, an event only contested between Form 6 children, with the winners being the best of three pulls. Angles put out their strongest team first, a strategy that worked; 1-0 Angles. Saxons replied with a fine display on the second pull, pulling the contest back to 1-1. The third and final pull ensured that it was winner takes all. There was a lot of back and forth, but the Angles were slowly making ground on the Saxons and won, to take the series to 2-1 and win the tug-o-war Shield. We always finish US sports with the House Relay, with two teams racing for each house, and the winner taking the shield. Despite the Angles handsomely winning the practice just two days earlier, the Saxons proved that on the day they had what it takes. Pulling away early on and keeping their lead all the way until the end; a Saxon win in the relay completed the day.