On Your Marks for Super Sports House Events

There was much excitement for our house sports events, the first we have been able to hold since summer 2019! The old favourites such as the shuttle race, tug-o-war, relays, and egg and spoon race all made a much applauded appearance as Angles v Saxons battled to be crowned champions. 


Lower School Highlights

LS sports took on a different look this year, as the Kindergarten and Nursery children were also joined by Reception. For LS sports the children do not race for their houses, but purely for the pleasure of competing against each other. There were straight forward running races over 40m, shuttle races where tennis balls were collected and put into hoops, an egg and spoon race, and the hat and scarf race; Mr Sliney's personal favourite where the children must run and pick up and wear a hat, then add a scarf, before running across the line.

Plenty of stickers and certificates were given out, lots of smiles and fun was had by children and teachers!


Middle School Highlights

On a beautiful day, the event took on a slight change as it was competed across Forms 1 to 3. Some field events had already taken place in games lessons, with Forms 1 and 2 competing in long jump and a tennis ball throw, with Form 3 doing both of these events and a javelin throw. These results meant that we had scores on the board before a race took place on the track, and the children had also accumulated points for themselves to go towards the individual athletics trophies.

Races took place over 50m and 80m, as well as old favourites such as the shuttle race, egg and spoon race and the afternoon culminating in a relay, which all the children took part in. With all the races run and the totals added up, it was the Angles who were victorious.


Upper School Highlights

US sports starts many weeks before the sports afternoon that the children compete in. Before any running on the track takes place, the children have already competed in the field events in their games lessons. This year the field events consisted of a cricket or rounders ball throw, javelin and long jump. Points were awarded for each house, as well as to individuals. This means that there are scores already in place at the start of the sports afternoon and this year Angles started slightly ahead.

The children's performance on the track was hampered by light drizzle falling at times, making the track slightly damp, and for the first time in many years no school records were broken. The children competed over 50m, 80m, then either 150m or 400/600m (depending on their age). Despite the weather, the rivalry, as always was intense. At one point the Saxons had clawed back the early Angles advantage, but with the conclusion of all the running events, the Angles had retained their early lead and held on for victory.

However, the story does not end there. In US there are 3 different trophies battled for: the athletics cup, tug-o-war and house relay. The Angles had won the athletics cup, but the competition for the tug-o-war was still to be decided. This is a much-anticipated event that only Form 6 take part in. The house captains organise their teams, with a best of three pulls determining the result. The Saxons were hot favourites, having won every pull in practice; their confidence was high. Perhaps too high.

The Angles were determined to make amends for a chastening practice session a few days previous, and pulled for all their worth to take a shock win in the first pull and bring the Saxons back to earth. The Saxons were galvanised by this defeat and order returned, as they convincingly took the next two rounds, winning by 2 pulls to 1. The tug-o-war trophy going to the Saxons; 1 trophy each.

The house relay is quite the event and an Eversfield tradition. There are two Angle teams and two Saxon teams, with every child from Forms 4 to 6 taking part. The baton is passed through the years, until the final runner crosses over the line, with the only position counting being that of first. First team over the line wins the trophy. An Angle team took an early lead, but the Saxons were close by, and the race was finely balanced. The Saxons experienced a few mishaps with the baton and the race shifted into the Angles favour. A lead that they never relinquished, cruising over the line to take the house relay shield. Two trophies to the Angles, 1 to Saxons.