Adventurous Learning in Snowdonia (Form 5 Residential Trip)

Last week, Form 5 embarked on an exciting school trip to Snowdonia in Wales, filled with adventure and hands-on learning. The trip was designed to engage the children in various outdoor pursuits, providing them with invaluable immersion in nature.

The journey began with a visit to Conwy Falls Forest Park and Cwm Idal – the oldest nature reserve in Wales, where the children marvelled at the stunning waterfalls and dramatic scenery. They hiked through the reserve to see the world-famous rock formations and learned about the rare and fragile flora and fauna.

A visit to the National Slate Museum provided opportunity to explore the rich heritage of the Welsh slate industry and the challenges and triumphs of slate mining life. Next the exhilarating challenge of gorge scrambling at Afon Ddu Gorge. Equipped with safety gear and guided by experienced instructors, they navigated through the rocky terrain, climbed waterfalls, and swam in natural pools.

Their exploration then took them to the National Nature Reserve at Harlech. Here, pupils engaged in hands-on learning about the unique ecosystems and long term effects of longshore drift on the beach. The adventures culminated with a trip to Conwy Marina to view the regeneration project and discuss how building a marina can encourage new people to visit the area and spend money to support the local economy

This unforgettable trip to Snowdonia not only boosted their physical fitness but fostered a love for the great outdoors and reinforced the importance of environmental awareness. We look forward to many more such enriching experiences in the future.