Happy Holidays with Freshwater Theatre Company

Visiting seaside holiday destinations from 1910 to the present day, the children in Form 2 explored how UK holidays and pastimes have changed over the past century in a session filled with holiday fun.

The interactive drama workshop run by Freshwater Theatre Company took the children on an imaginary journey to visit seaside holiday destinations through the last century, meeting Punch and Judy in 1910, learning what holidays meant during wartime in the 1940s, exploring seaside activities in the 1950s, and even taking a trip to the Butlins summer camps of the 1970s.

As one of the largest theatre-in-education companies in the UK, the Company provides high-quality drama workshops to support topics across the entire curriculum. This history-based workshop featuring artefacts and visuals allowed the children to immerse themselves in their learning journey of historical changes of national life in the UK.

The children were totally engaged from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed their holiday travels. That's the way to do it!