Capital London City Experience (Form 4 Residential Trip)

From interactive media exhibits and West End musicals, to outdoor activities and sightseeing, Form 4 enjoyed many of London’s top attractions and cultural heritage in their fun-filled 3 day curriculum-based city break. Read more of their adventures from Harrison and Malini, two of our young reporters who enjoyed the trip.


By Harrison (Form 4CH)

On our trip to London we did lots of amazing things such as visit Harry Potter World, the London Eye and Legoland. 

Our first stop was Harry Potter. The best part was visiting number 5 Privet Drive because in the living room there were lots of letters for Harry all flying around the room!

After Harry Potter World we went for our evening meal at the Rainforest Café, then we drove to the London Eye. It was moving really slowly. At the bottom it was nice and calm, but it was nerve wracking the closer we got to the top! At the top the view was amazing! We could see the famous Wembley Stadium Arch and Her Majesty's Buckingham Palace.  

The next morning, we went to Shrek's Adventure which was fantastic. There was a mirror maze which was a great challenge. In the afternoon, we went on a River Thames Cruise and saw many sights including Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and The Tower of London. 

That evening we had dinner at the Hard Rock Café and we watched the brilliant Lion King Musical. I really liked the jungle theme in the theatre, the drummers and the African singing. It was a very late night when we got back to the hostel. 

On the last day, after a good sleep and delicious breakfast, we set of for our final destination - Legoland. We got to go on some thrilling rides and visited MiniLand which was really good. It was great to be away from home for the first time with all my new school friends. It was an enjoyable adventure. 


By Malini (Form 4PF)

On our trip to London the first stop we made was at the exciting Harry Potter World, It was amazing! We got to see the dementors and where Harry slept. I loved the bit when we went in the train! After that we travelled on the London Eye and there was an excellent view. We saw Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Then we went to the Rainforest Jungle Café to eat. I had pizza, chips and jelly with ice cream. Then we went to our dormitories to go to sleep because there was another fun day ahead. 

The next day we had a lovely breakfast. I had a croissant and some coco pops. At around 9am we headed out to Shrek's Adventure. Mr Biggs had to go into Shrek's loo and Mr Poultney had to dance!! After lunch we went on a River Thames Cruise. Someone waved back at us two times from Tower Bridge so we will get 10 years of good luck. After we went to Hard Rock Café on Old Park Lane and I had burger. We went to The Lion King that evening. It was awesome. We got back to the hotel at around 11pm.

It was Friday 13th the next day although nothing unlucky happened. We had breakfast, then we went to Legoland. My favourite ride was Fire and Ice! After that we headed back to school and arrived at 4.30pm.