Dazzling Musical World Tour

This year's House Music Competition took us on a dazzling tour of the world.  From music hall songs to 1970’s chart toppers, and a tour across Europe to the desert regions of southwest United States, all styles of musical genres and instruments were showcased including vocals, piano, wind, brass, string and drums.

Almost 80 children auditioned and 24 finalists from Forms 3 to 6 took to the stage in a bid to secure the prestigious cup.  While the emphasis was very much on enjoyment and participation, the difficult task of deciding who the winning house would be sat with adjudicator Mrs Alexandra Wynne, a graduate in Vocal and Operatic Studies from Birmingham Conservatoire, a choral director and singing teacher at Birmingham Junior Conservatoire, and co-founder of the St Chad's Choral Outreach Programme. 

Announcing Angles as the winner of House Music Competition 2021, Mrs Wynne praised all of the soloists and House Choirs on their performances. We are sad that guests could not join us for the live event but a showreel of all the performances was made available so that our families could enjoy watching the concert remotely. 

Congratulations to Angles!


Well done to everyone who supported their house by auditioning this year:


James  Charlie-Bleu  Aisha 
Enzo  Xavier  Charles 
Georgia  Jack  Amelie 
Catherine  Haoyuan  Trisha 
Reuben  Yuqing  Lexi 
George  Mbuameh  Luella 
Viran  Noah  Henry 
Freddie  Louis  Remy 
Theodore  Anusha  Haaris 
Rayaan  Harkaran  Petra 
Henry  Vivienne  Rajan 
Claudia  Jessica  Shilan 
Ela  Olivia  Flynn 
Malini  Kamsiririochukwu  Lksh 
Prèma  Charlotte  Harriet 
Zakariya  James  Augustin 
Elliot  Lama  Lamar 
Yahya  Isobel  Alexandra 
Archie  Leo  Jude 
Sarah  Sania  William 
Henry  Raina  Jonathan 
Leo  Freddie  Surina 
Mabel  Stanley  Nico 
Jeevan  Rahm  Ranbir 
Lena  Luke  Harriet 
Roberta  Dean