Making an Artistic Impression: Form 6 Art Enrichment Day

Creative expression was explored by an imaginative group of Form 6 pupils who took part in an art enrichment day with Mrs Beech this term. They explored the work of acclaimed artists and made their own interpretation so their finished portrayal was ‘in-the-style-of’.

Everyone chose an artist on which to base their work with the final selection featuring Salvador Dali, Daniel Hall, Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Katsushika Hokusai and Scott Christensen. Having researched their favoured artists via books and the internet, they used their knowledge to inspire and plan their canvas backgrounds. 

As the day progressed the young artists used a range of different paint techniques and their work developed in many different, interesting and creative ways. The workshop not only provided opportunity for students to explore art history but also tap into their creativity; encouraging inventiveness, self-discipline and problem-solving skills.