A Shared Moment of Celebration: VE Day 75th Anniversary

As the nation pauses to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the children have been studying the pictures and written accounts of the events on 8th May 1945, and the significance of the day. In this selection of acrostic poems Form 4 have captured the mood that swept the country that day.


By Ela A

Coming to celebrate

Everyone cheers

Lots of people are dancing

Europe is happy

Buntings are hung

Racing out of their houses

All getting together

Trapped no longer

End of the WAR


By David O

Come and celebrate the victory in Europe

Eat and be merry

Laugh and sing

Everyone be happy for it is a celebration

Bring out your musical equipment

Ready to rock and roll 

At your doorstep the celebration is happening

The celebration has started with lots of music, come and

Eat, dance, sing, jump, laugh and celebrate the victory in Europe


By Diyan S

Come and rejoice

Everyone is delighted

Let’s party

England has freedom

Buckingham Palace is packed

Roads are closed for street parties

Air raids have stopped

The Nazis are defeated

Europe has won!


By William J

Celebrating in the streets

Enjoying having fun for the first time in years

Loving all the joy

Eating and celebrating into the night

Becoming safe for the first time in years

Reuniting with friends again

Asking if the war is really over

Talking to people, and

Enjoying the fun


By Hiral V

Celebrate the VE Day

End of the World War

Let’s play the music

Everyone dancing

Buckingham Palace filled with a crowd

Remember all the important things

And the brave people

Together happy as can be on this day

Enjoy with family and friends


By Lexi H

Come on let’s celebrate!

Exciting! Let’s party!

Laughter everywhere

Everywhere our dreams come true!

Blessings of love to celebrate

Remarkable miracles all along

Alive in the World everywhere we go

Terrific places all night to go

Everyone has their right to be HAPPY!