Thanksgiving Service and Awards Ceremony

This year's Thanksgiving Service and Awards Ceremony at Christ Church was a joyous celebration and opportunity to pay tribute to the amount of work, endeavour and commitment to Eversfield that the children have shown throughout the year. Thank you to all the parents and members of the Eversfield family community who joined us. 

The Middle School Endeavour Cup is awarded to a young man who strives to be successful in everything they do. He has shown resilience and perseverance throughout the year as well as having an encouraging attitude to everything he attempts. He is respected by his peers and teachers alike and are shining examples of endeavour. The cup is awarded to Romain C.

The Donald Smith Award is presented this year to a young man who has consistently reached a remarkably high academic standard throughout his time at Eversfield. With guidance and encouragement from staff, his natural abilities have been developed and he has been given every opportunity to shine – which he certainly has. Our very commendable winner is Lksh D.

The Lattey Cup is presented annually to the child in the school who has, through his or her time, served the school best. This young lady, throughout his time at Eversfield, has been consistent in her caring, kind attitude to others and is an excellent role model and ambassador of our school. The winner is Raina P.

This year's recipient of The Carol Burke Science and Engineering Award has worked at a consistently high standard across all three sciences throughout their time at Eversfield. She has an eye for detail and takes her time to complete every task to the best of her ability. The award goes to Mariam D.

The Starbuck Cup for Art goes to someone who probably doesn't expect it; and that is why she is getting it. Over the last two years she has quietly and conscientiously worked hard in her art lessons and art club. She has made excellent progress in her skills, and she has grown more confident in her understanding of art. She has high standards and always does her best without making a fuss. The cup deservedly goes to Luna D.

The Beatrice Humphris Cup for Music this year is presented to a young man who has consistently involved himself within the Music Department, supporting both Form 6 Senior Singers and a variety of instrumental ensembles. Peripatetic teaching staff describe him as one of the most motivated, dedicated and talented musicians they have had the pleasure to teach in a long time, consistently achieving some of the highest marks in music exams, losing only two marks at Grade 6. He has been a real asset to the Music Department, and I know Mr Biggs will be very sorry to see him leave. The cup is awarded to Reuben Fowler.

The Drama Cup is presented to a young man who took us all by surprise with his performance in the Form 6 production, Beauty and the Beast. He put in hours of practice particularly perfecting his French accent – and learning not only his own lines but also everyone else’s! This year, the drama cup goes to Rayaan Q.

The Headmaster’s Cup for Contribution to Boys’ Team Sports is a cup that is awarded to the sportsman in Form 6 who has played an outstanding role in different team sports and represented the school at all levels, in many sports. This year the cup goes to a young man who was an integral member of the rugby, football, cricket and swimming teams. He also gained team colours in multiple sports. A very deserving winner is Henry N.

The Headmaster’s Cup for Contribution to Girls’ Team Sports this year is awarded to a young lady for whom the word TENACIOUS springs to mind for a reason; she is determined, persistent, powerful, forceful, unshakeable and single-minded. Her talents generally lead to her being a solid member of the A Team, but she is equally as encouraging and vocal in the B Team. Everyone this year (including the teachers) has been on the receiving end of her motivational calls. The cup is awarded to Harriet TC.

who leads from the front - she is the first name on the team sheet and never disappoints with her performance. She can hold her own across the sporting curriculum yet is understanding, helpful and encouraging to those who find sport more difficult. Her own team know that she is reliable, her opposition find her unconquerable - always there, always smiling and always treating everyone as an equal. The cup is awarded to Remy M.

The Information Technology Cup is awarded to an individual who exhibits exceptional talent, not only in the different skills that are taught within lessons, but in his capacity to transfer his knowledge and apply it to augment all areas of his curriculum work. The cup is presented to Viran K.

The Madden Cup is awarded to the girl or boy who is a good citizen and consistent in following our school code of CARE. This young lady is compassionate, respectful of others and the world around her, and always endeavours to do her best. Her aspirations are set high in everything she does and she perseveres until she achieves her goal. The worthy winner is Anusha M.

The Efficiency Cup is presented to a truly outstanding all-rounder. This young man has shown dedication and perseverance in many areas across the school, as well as exhibiting kindness, empathy and a willingness to help others. The cup is awarded to Henry M.

The Scholarship Awards for this year are presented to a very laudable 8 children who performed to an exceptionally high level in the 11+ entrance examinations. These 8 children amassed an incredible 20 scholarships and 3 exhibitions between them across many areas of the curriculum. The award holders are Aisha A, Maryam D, Ameh J, Enzo BV, Yuki G, Raina P, Lksh D and Sania I.

Form prizes are awarded each year to pupils in Form 1 to 6 who have shown that they are excellent role models particularly when it comes to our school code of CARE. 


Form 1

Gigi G

Riyan P

Maisie P

Joshua T


Form 2

Ralph B

Veer K

Maanvi R

Aubane R


Form 3

Millie H

Katie R

Marius S

Cherry T


Form 4

Emily B

Ella D

Isobel F

Amelia O


Form 5

Sarah I

Henry M

Isla M

Ella S


Form 6

Krish D

George H

Sania I

Iman N 



Aisha A


Enzo BV

 All rounder and music

Lksh D


Maryam D


Ameh J


Yuki G  Academic, music and art
Sania I  Academic

Raina P




The Middle School Endeavour Cup

Romain C



The Donald Smith Cup for consistent high academic standards

Lksh D

The Lattey Cup for all round contribution

Raina P

The Carole Burke Science & Engineering Award

Mariam D

The Headmaster’s Cup for Contribution to Girls’ Team Sports

Harriet TC 

The Headmaster’s Cup for Contribution to Boys’ Team Sports

Henry N

The Madden Cup for good citizenship

Anusha M

The Starbuck Cup for Art

Luna D

The Beatrice Humphris Cup for Music 

Reuben F

Drama Cup including LAMDA achievement

Rayaan Q

Information Technology Cup
The Efficiency Cup

Viran K
Henry M