Eversfield reaches for the stars

There are no limitations to the places that Eversfield pupils can visit due to the purchase of twenty virtual reality headsets. These headsets are available for use across all year groups and, while the benefits of their use in Science and Geography lessons is clear, the wide range of applications mean that all curriculum subjects will be able to utilise this new technology creating a new dimension to lessons. An expedition across the solar system, including a trip to Mars, has already taken place and Form 1 has flown over Bryce Canyon in Utah. The Science department has already made extensive use of the headsets enabling pupils to examine natural rock beds, explore the structure of DNA and observe animals in their natural habitat. Mrs Sliney, Subject Leader of Science, said ‘Science lessons at Eversfield involve many investigations, and the Virtual Reality Headsets will take this to a new level. We are now able to explore the world and even outer space, all from the safety of our own classrooms.’