Celebration of European Languages

To help instil a lifelong love of language learning in our children we ran a special programme of activities this week to celebrate The European Day of Languages and the rich diversity of languages throughout Europe.

Talking Greek was the focus for Modern Foreign Language lessons across Upper School.  The children have been role-playing and ordering their favourite dishes in tavernas and learning the traditional Greek dance Hasapiko.

To develop listening skills and expand their vocabulary Middle and Lower school enjoyed listening to a traditional story from France – and learned all about the different names for animals in English and French, and the signs that represent them in British Sign Language.

Mrs Baldwin took a tour across Europe with Form 6. To get everyone thinking about languages, and opportunities to visit, work and live abroad, the children created entries for the Routes into Language poster competition run in conjunction with Aston University. They researched a country they would like to visit and uncovered key facts to feature such as language spoken, cuisine, music, landmarks and history. 

A special playground competition trail was designed around the UEFA initiative which thanked key workers across Europe by printing on every players shirt in the Champion League and Europa League the words ‘Thank You’ in the national language of the team. To be entered into a prize draw the children had to seek out and correctly identify the national language that the words ‘Thank You’ were printed.

The week’s programme has been fun for all the children and has ignited their intercultural curiosity and extended their language knowledge. Children who develop a love for a language will be better equipped to embrace a foreign country on their travels, develop wider cross-cultural friendships and have greater job prospects both here and abroad.