Adventures at Packwood Haugh: Year 5 Sports Tour

We asked two of our budding young reporters (Karan and Charlotta) to share their adventures on the recent Year 5 Sports Tour to Packwood Haugh. It is one of the many highlights of the sporting trips calendar and for some the first time spent away from home. For all, it is always a memorable and fun-packed weekend. Read on to discover more …

Reviewed by Young Reporter Karan Kher (Year 5)

As soon as we arrived at the gates of Packwood, we were all astonished by the incomparable size of the school. The thought of staying in boarding houses and mingling with the Packwood boys and girls really excited us. Packwood welcomed us jovially and explained to us the plan for the weekend which was full of fun things to do.

First, we were shown to our boarding houses, which is where we would sleep at night. There were separate boarding houses for boys and girls.  During the day we played sports matches against Packwood Haugh; the girls played netball whilst the boys played rugby. The rugby team were a very tough team to beat, but by teamwork and compassion we prevailed and won. After the matches, both schools announced the players of the matches, and the winners from our school were: Henry Templar-Coates, Charlotta, William and me (Karan), we all loved our trophies as they looked amazing. We also got to play dodgeball and football in the sports hall with some of the Packwood boarders.

In the evening we watched a movie in the theatre complex. The boys watched Garfield 2 and the girls watched Annie. Garfield 2 was very funny and had all of us in roaring laughter. Just before we went to bed, we played some games that Packwood had provided like Chess, Velcro Darts and Frustration! We also got to relax in our pyjamas and have treats which was great.

The morning was brilliant as we had a fry-up which was really tasty. During breakfast we were all discussing the exciting day ahead. We were looking forward to ice-skating even though some of us hadn’t done it before, including myself. Luckily Mrs Buxton was there to save the day and help us get more confident; I eventually got the hang of it. Some of my friends were really experienced skaters and could skate backwards which I was really impressed by. We then had lunch and were also lucky enough to watch an ice-hockey match between Telford Tigers and Steel Dogs. The players were all really skilful and the match was really worth watching. Some of us got so engrossed that we started cheering.

Sadly, the trip ended too quickly and it was time to go home. I thoroughly recommend the trip to Packwood Haugh, it was action packed and a great way to hang out with your school friends, so it is something to look forward to when you get to Year 5.


Reviewed by Young Reporter Charlotta Nankivell (Year 5)

I enjoyed my trip to Packwood Haugh. We had a long journey on the minibuses which was a good chance to catch up with my friends. It was a lovely day and everyone was enjoying themselves.

When we got there we had a quick tour of the school before heading to the netball courts in the Sports Hall for our match. It was a very tough match as Packwood were a really strong team. In the end Eversfield lost despite playing well. Afterwards we had a match tea and it was delicious!

The highlight of the evening was the movie. We had lots of treats to enjoy with it as well. Then it was time for bed. There was a lot of talking and we probably didn't get as much sleep as we should have!

The next morning we packed our suitcases and said goodbye to Packwood. It was a lovely school and I will have nice memories of it. We were then off on the minibuses again, stopping off at Telford for iceskating! That was one of the best things that happened during the weekend. When we finally got back to Eversfield we were all quite tired but happy to see our parents and get a goodnight’s sleep.