Skills for Life: Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

We are so proud of our peer mentors who took part this week in training with The Diana Award to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Bullying can scar people for life and we are embracing this programme to help build the skills and confidence in all our pupils to address any situations they may encounter in life and help change attitudes, behaviour and culture of bullying.

During the three-hour long training session, they learned about the different types of bullying, how to spot signs of bullying but more importantly, what to do if they know of any bullying occurring. As Eversfield’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors a significant part of the training was related to campaigning skills and how they can engage with their peers and educate them to prevent bullying.

Some great ideas were brainstormed including a baking challenge where children bake things that best represent their personality, so that we can celebrate difference, and an audit of the school's anti-bullying policy to make sure that we have a child-friendly edition.  The Anti-bullying Ambassadors will conduct assemblies and run focus weeks at school to support our anti-bullying policy.

The Ambassadors are looking forward to getting started and working with all the staff and children ensuring that Eversfield is a bully free zone.