Shine Star, Shine

Lower School entertained the whole school, friends and family this week with their sparkling retelling of the nativity story Shine Star, Shine. What amazing choreography and confident polished performances they all delivered.

The nativity was retold from the star’s point of view. The big star had the important job to show the shepherds and kings the way to the stable, but he just couldn’t shine. Fortunately, all the other stars pulled together to help and, with lots of encouragement, they led the big star to the stable where he realised that Jesus loves all the stars, angels and people of the world and this love gave the big star strength to shine again.

Congratulations to all the children and staff for preparing the children so beautifully. The choreography had everyone bopping along and the audience were blown away by the performance confidence all the children displayed. There were certainly some stars of the future on stage!