Reunited: Children Embrace School Reopening

While many schools across the region were still finalising their plans for children to return to school, Eversfield Preparatory School was one of the first schools within the region to have responded to the Government’s directive to partially reopen. With the required safety measures in place, we welcomed children in Nursery, Kindergarten, Reception, Form 1 and Form 6 back into the classroom on 1st June.

While our comprehensive online schooling programme continues for Forms 2, 3 and 4 there is no substitute for being in school with friends and teachers, so with the appropriate measures in place we welcomed back Form 5 pupils on 15th June. In addition, we introduced the opportunity to offer one session per week for pupils in Forms 2, 3 and 4 commencing Tuesday 16th June. These sessions are held for two hours daily and are managed to avoid direct contact with other pupil pods in the school. Pupils are enjoying the freedom to reunite with space to learn and play together while still observing social distancing.

It is a joy to feel the energy and laughter of the children back with us at school. Those who have returned, even for a few hours, have enjoyed the opportunity to see friends, teachers and engage again in school-based work.