What Really Counts When Choosing a School?

Robert Yates, Headmaster at Eversfield Preparatory School, reflects on the changing environment of schools and what really counts when it comes to meeting children’s differing emotional and educational needs.

What do you remember about your primary school? Your teacher? Your friends? The small bottles of milk with straws? Perhaps a warm feeling of nostalgia of sunny days playing rounders and nature tables full of conkers. Of course, not all of us have happy memories. School can also be full of struggles such as the teacher we did not like, a bully that caused stress daily, difficult learning concepts that brought confusion and anxiety. When I was at school they were not cuddly and considerate places.

Everybody has experienced a school and we know what we want for our children.

Not all children are the same and their needs differ greatly. It is important, therefore, to find a school that suits them and can give them what they need. Whether that is academic achievement, opportunities of high standards of sport, music, art, drama, computing, modern and classical foreign language skills, philosophical debate, or personal skills of consideration, care, empathy and understanding. Perhaps a child needs to develop their confidence or be given situations to show their leadership skills. All children, however, need a safe and secure environment where they can grow their desire to learn and share and become self-motivated.

Eversfield has an excellent track record of delivering all of these possibilities. Our latest ISI inspection report is outstanding in its detail of the educational qualities delivered by the school, through the dedication of exemplary teachers and support staff and the incredible opportunities offered to all its children. Past pupils include Oxford and Cambridge graduates, professional musicians, composers, cricketers, footballers and rugby players, Olympic athletes, medics and business owners, all having developed their talents and direction at Eversfield.

The school draws on pupils from all abilities and diverse backgrounds, offering up to 100% bursary support for low-income families. The school has a truly international flavour with many oversees pupils who, altogether, speak over 20 different languages.

Eversfield pupils love coming to school, your child would love it too.