Form 3 Creative Writing: My Garden by Enzo (3AH)

Enzo is a talented and enthusiastic gardener so he was thrilled when Mrs Hynes asked Form 3 to take on the creative writing task to author an article about their gardens. Their challenge was to ensure they used expanded noun phrases.

We think you will be able to vividly capture an image in your imagination of Enzo's garden from his wonderful descriptive language. 


My Garden by Enzo

On a sunny or even a rainy day, I enjoy sitting on the white stoned bench to look at my beautiful garden.

I can see pink, yellow, purple petunias with yellow biden, blue lobelias, small fuschias in our lovely pots and hanging baskets.

Big and fragrant honeysuckle, jasmin and roses are planted all around the garden.

Our enormous evergreen magnolia grandiflora gives white strong fragrant flowers all summer.

Little scabiosa and tall butterfly trees attract small bees and colourful butterflies.

Our black small bird feeder attracts cute families of blue tits, singing black birds, small robins and white dotted starlings.

When cold Autumn days come the red, yellow and orange leaves of our old Japanese Maple make the garden still lovely.