Joseph Wows Audiences

This year Form 6 treated us to Eversfield’s first musical production in three years and what a spectacle it proved to be!

The choice of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was ambitious to say the least; with over twenty musical numbers, all of which required line learning, part singing, harmonies and choreography, this production is an exacting undertaking even for a professional cast. The children committed themselves admirably to the task and rehearsed extensively for several months to produce the final, polished performances that delighted packed auditoriums each night.

The vast range of musical genres gave a number of pupils the chance to demonstrate their versatility and flair as they stepped up to the challenges with energy and enthusiasm. The seamless deliveries, beautiful voices and slick moves of a number of performers even prompted Mr Yates to declare his belief that we were watching potential stage stars of the future.

Huge congratulations go to the children and many thanks to the parents and staff whose help and support were invaluable in making this one of the most memorable performances we have seen at Eversfield.