This World with The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

No-one ever forgets the first time they hear a live professional orchestra. A trip to Symphony Hall, Birmingham allowed Form 4 to join The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra this week on an exploration of the world, and the impact humans have upon it, through music.

The journey itself was exciting for some children as it was their first journey on a train, and most had never visited Symphony Hall before.

When they entered the main auditorium they were blown away be the sheer size of the spectacular concert venue. They settled into their seats near the front and the concert began. The theme of the concert was ‘This World' and everyone was encouraged to think about how we treat the world around us as they listened to the music, some of which had been composed especially for the event.

Colour divided the four sections of the orchestra and, thanks to Mr Biggs’ work earlier in the term with the children learning about orchestras and composing their own symphony, our children were able to identify the four families of orchestral instruments. One of the many unusual highlights in the concert came when the presenter picked up and played a four-metres-long Alpine Horn. An interesting walk through the centre of Birmingham on a lovely sunny winter afternoon and return rail journey rounded off a very exciting and memorable day.