Angels Secure House Hockey

Hockey proved to be very popular during Michaelmas term, with more children than ever choosing to play with enthusiasm and dedication both in lessons and in matches.

To award the Senior House Hockey Cup, four matches were played. In Form 4, a strong line-up ensured that the Saxons were victorious with an emphatic 12-0 win. Goals were scored by Mabel, Elliot, Dean, Leo and Lincoln. In a close fought match, the goal scorers in Form 5 were Yuki and Anusha for the Angles and Leo R for the Saxons, leading to a 3-1 win for the Angles.

Goals from George, Emma and Remy M led to a convincing 6-1 win for Form 6 Angles A team, so the B team match was the decider for the cup. The first half was played, but a dramatic decline in the weather resulted in the match being halted due to dangerous conditions! Play resumed the following day and after a tense match, goals from Vivienne, Aidan and Alex produced a 2-2 draw. A special mention to the Form 6 goalkeepers, Flyn (Saxons), Raya (Angles) who showed great determination and skill in both A and B matches.

Ultimately the cup was awarded to Angles who secured two wins and a draw. Congratulations to all the players.