Tremendous Tries at Rugby Festival 

The Eversfield U11 Michaelmas Rugby Festival touched down this week. There was plenty of play to be proud of at this year’s triangular event with matches taking place between Eversfield, The Croft and Bablake.

Eversfield and Bablake kicked off the tournament, with last year’s cup holders Bablake showing early on that they were in no mood to relinquish the trophy. Eversfield struggled a little with the pace and physicality of the game and were down by a number of tries by the half. Half time gave the team chance to regroup, and they came back more resolute in their tackling and rucking. Bablake scored a couple more tries, but Eversfield kept working hard and secured their just rewards when they scored a consolation try after a fluid team move.

Round two was between The Croft and Eversfield, with Eversfield learning greatly from their first match. Tackling, teamwork and rucking were much improved, as was the organisation of the team in defence. The two schools traded tries early on, with Eversfield heading into half time with a slender lead. Eversfield began the second half brightly, establishing a lead of two tries. The Croft never gave in, bringing the score back to one try and as the clock ran down The Croft scored on the final whistle, ensuring that the match was a tie.

The final game was between The Croft and Bablake. Both teams put in some hard tackles, with tries traded evenly in the first half. In the second half Bablake were again strong in the tackle but began to win more of the game in the ruck, and pushed The Croft back. As legs tired, Bablake started to score more tries, winning the match and thus retaining the cup.

Tired, a little bruised, but with plenty to be proud of the teams enjoyed tea in the dining room and chatted about their afternoon of play.