House Swimming Heats Up

MS and US had their house swimming galas over the final few weeks of term. Hotly contested, these galas not only have the prestigious house cup up for grabs, but there are also individual cups for boys and girls from year 1 to year 6. Before the galas take place, all of the children are timed in their swimming lessons and these times used to rank them for races on the day. The top four boys and girls on time in each stroke are placed into the cup races, where they can earn points for themselves as well as their house. Forms 1 to 4 compete in front crawl, back stroke and breaststroke, with forms 5 and 6 also competing in butterfly.

Both the MS and US galas were very evenly contested, with the scores going back and forth between the Angles and Saxons. In the MS gala it all came down to the last race of the day, with the Saxons claiming the decisive points to win by a single point; 274 for the Saxons, with the Angles on 273. The US gala was also very close heading into the final stages, but the Angles began to put a little daylight between themselves and the Saxons through the breaststroke races, eventually winning with 341 points to the Saxons 324. One win for each house.