Kevin, Eversfield's Catering Manager, is awarded a Shining Star Award!

Accent, our catering providers, have recognised the amazing way that Kevin, Eversfield's Catering Manager, coped with the lack of gas supply towards the end of the Lent Term and have awarded him a Shining Star Award. The following is an excerpt from their in house publication.

Shining Star Kevin

The Eversfield School kitchen was faced with a major issue as the gas supply was cut off and all cooking appliances were gas. Without hesitation Kevin started to ‘think out of the box’ for solutions to feed the children using the home economics classroom to cook jacket potatoes. For the following two days, he turned lunchtime into an ‘indoor’ picnic with a selection of sandwiches, salads, cold meats, jacket potatoes and cold desserts – even searching the internet to find a ‘no bake’ chocolate oat slice. Two small induction hobs were purchased and the following weeks’ menu was changed to curry and naan, chilli and nachos, pasta day and the indoor picnic. Our clients were very pleased that service continued without any fuss or drama, the children loved all the food even asking for the return of the chocolate oat slice.

Thank you Kevin, we are very proud of you, you are a true shining star!