Supporting Your Child's Mental Health During Lockdown

It is Children’s Mental Health Week and we are looking at ways we can help parents support their children.

Mrs Sliney, Director of Pastoral Care, shares her top tips for coping with distance learning during lockdown.


CLICK HERE to view Mrs Sliney's presentation


#1 Look after YOURSELF

This is THE most important thing when you need to support your children. Being at home all day is hard for everyone, so take time out for yourself. Find someone to talk to and spend time doing something you love every day.


#2 Have a routine

Having a routine makes children feel safe and secure. Set your expectations of them and find ways to separate home from school. Don’t let home schooling take over the whole day or the whole house.


#3 Get outside

Being outside is so important for children. The Department for Education sets a guideline that children must have one outside activity every day. It helps them sleep, helps them burn off energy and helps develop their motor skills.


#4 Listen to your children

Take five minutes every day to ask them how they are feeling every day. Children find it hard to express how they feel so give them an opportunity every day to unlock their feelings.


#5 Eating and sleeping

It is easy to slip into eating more sugar during a lockdown which can negatively effect children’s mood and sleeping pattern. Try and cut back on sugar and keep to a balanced healthy diet to benefit physical and mental health.


#6 Get creative

Help your children to be as creative as possible. Distance learning means children are spending far more time on their screens so get them using their imagination more and find an alternative activity.  They might enjoy drawing, writing, baking, training their pet or doing a gymnastic display. See what they can come up with.


#7 Be positive

Look for the light at the end of the tunnel. We will soon be reunited and back to school.


#8 Have realistic expectations

Children have good days, and have days when they will just not be in the mood for learning. Children do not learn in a linear fashion. Don’t be too hard on yourself, or the children, do not force learning if you cannot get them motivated.


#9 Be proud

Remember you are doing an AMAZING job! Feel proud for what you have done for your children during lockdown.


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