Mastering the Art and Science of Visual Storytelling

Unleashing their creative potential Form 3 have been blending knowledge learned in their English and Computing lessons to create instructional videos. Mastering the capabilities of Adobe Spark they combined motion graphics, audio recording, music, text, and photos to produce short animated, narrated explainer videos.

Production of the videos was spread over a number of weeks during the Lent term. Having chosen a simple task which the instructional video would portray, they had to storyboard the steps involved in completing the task and then script the instructions in a clear step-by-step order. Deciding how each scene would be visually represented they then had to capture each scene on camera using a combination of still photography and video.

Using their newly acquired knowledge of Adobe Spark they edited the video together adding audio files, text subtitles and music to produce their final compilations with stunning effect.

Sienna’s (3PF) use of props is ingenious in her instructional video ‘How to Clean Your Teeth’

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