Multilingual Me

To mark European Day of Languages we have been diving deep into learning languages all this week and discovering how we are all multilingual to some degree.

Middle School have been sharing their language skills with Mrs Baldwin and mastering a few words in languages new to them and singing ‘Hello to All the Children of the World’ in nine languages. 

Upper School shared their diverse range of language skills with each other in assembly with an impressive 27 different languages showcased including Cantonese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Japanese, Maori, Creole, Greek, Igbo, Gujarati, Urdu, Portuguese and Turkish. There were songs shared in Farsi, Polish, French and Konkani, multilingual role play conversation in French, Spanish and Italian, number counting in Japanese and a weather forecast in Russian which introduced everyone to the cyrillic alphabet. Upper School children also produced engaging and colourful ‘Multilingual Me’ posters in the language lessons to celebrate their individual and unique linguistic and cultural diversity.