A Stellar Camp

With Solihull’s night skies shrouded by the cloud cover the jewels of the autumn night sky eluded our budding astronomers taking part in this year's Space Camp however the power of technology prevailed. Using SkyView, the augmented reality app, the star gazers discovered the different constellations, planets and stars in the night sky. The Hubble Space Telescope even made a guest appearance passing overhead!

The space explorers offered a warm welcome back to former Eversfield pupil, Max Manley, astrophysicist and expert in rocket technology. Max worked with the children to construct and prepare for the launch pad a scale replica of a rocket used for NASA’s Artemis missions. Technical glitches prevented the launch which had to be aborted and investigation will take place in science lessons before the next attempt which is scheduled for later this term. 

A fun activity engaged the children in recreating the constellations with glow sticks, and a paper-crafting rocket-making competition tested their knowledge of flight dynamics and ability to launch their crafts stump-rocket-style to discover whose could travel the furthest. Finally, it was time to bed down on planet earth and watch the space-themed movie WALL-E. Eventually all fell soundly asleep!