Monster Reports: Creative Writing

Form 3PF have been working on report writing. They looked at the features of a report, researched garden birds and then wrote reports. Borrowing that formulae Miss Freeman asked the children to unleash their creativity to write reports on monsters with some astonishing results. Read on to discover more about these creatures from the depths of the sea, the underground world and the darkest corners of the caverns.  


The Ripidon by R Singh

The ripidon is a sea creature that lives in deep, murky water. It is a critically endangered animal. It has only been seen five times. Four of the people who travelled to see the ripidon have been killed.

The ripidon is as tall as one hundred elephants. A ripidon weighs 64,000 tons and is the heaviest sea creature. With its spiny, hilly body, it is armoured perfectly and it hides the bare skin behind it. The tail weighs as much as four trucks and is the length of two oak trees. It can also breathe a line of fire every five minutes. The fire’s heat is 1000°C.

The ripidon can live in different kinds of places in the sea. Commonly, you find it near the shore or in the twilight zone. But scientists have found out that the ripidon is adapted to live in the deepest part of the sea, the Marianas Trench.

The ripidon is a dangerous carnivore. It can eat fish, sharks, octopuses, squid, whales, dolphins and even juvenile ripidons. As we found out the hard way, the ripidon loves eating humans, but it is has only ever eaten four. The only predator of the ripidon is the cybosthus. The cybosthus is a creature and has a weird digestive system. They kill five ripidons a year.

Did you know?
• The ripidon has fifty babies a week and eats 25 of them in a day; that day is called eating day.
• A 35 year old man called Nigel Markins is the only man who survived a ripidon attack.
• A ripidon’s jaws break when it kills a manihide, the most preposterous creature in the sea.
• A ripidon is normally killed by disease such as a virus or TB.

A ripidon mates one week after it is born. The mating is taken in June. They start laying babies in August. They kill the babies except for one that they throw out of the nest. The adult male sometimes kills the female after she lays the eggs. The male then leaves the nest and mates another female ripidon.

Ripidons are some very peculiar behaving creatures. A ripidon will eat basically anything it sees, except podios; they’re poisonous. It calls out loud sounds like roaring and growling. It snaps its jaws every minute, which can sometimes scare off juvenile hollow plateos, a healthy leaf eating herbivore. Sometimes it bangs on ships and takes humans from the ships and then the humans drown; truly evil.

Ripidon Science
Ripidons have many enemies. One scientist said that there were monsters in the sea. He sent five people on a ship to find the sea creature and take it back. All of them each spotted the ripidon but only one survived, Nigel Markins. He figured out that ripidons have one million teeth and one million spikes. The scientist also found out that it is the most dangerous creature ever to roam the world.

The four people who were killed by ripidons were Douglas Cala, Mana Buqa-An from Africa, and the two other people are forgotten. The first two were both impaled by a male and female ripidon. The other two were killed by a whack from the tail.


The Xanyur by Oliver

The xanyur is an unknown monster. Only a twelfth of the world has seen it. Many reporters have been said to have seen it.

An adult xanyur weighs 167,912 tons. Occasionally, the xanyur is the only monster that has no proof of evidence. The xanyur is taller than twelve old oaks. With its red beady eyes, it spies on humans. Mainly made of bacteria, the xanyur is a dirty black with green spikes on its back.

The xanyur lives in deep, dark, haunted caves. Paparazzis went into the Cave of Haunted Doom where the Xanyur is know to live. Many went in, none came out.

The xanyur has a mysterious diet. It is a rockivore. The xanyur only eats one thing, a not well known floating rock called Oreanium.

Rarely, the xanyur mates when one billion years old. Usually, the xanyur mates when it is seven billion years old. Xanyurs have a maximum of twelve xanyums each century.

Xangur Facts:
• Baby xangurs are called xanyums.
• A person named Henry Jackopot is the only person who survived a xangur scratch.
• A xangur scratch could poison a person so that their heart would stop beating.
• Xangurs breathe fireballs that can heat up to 4286°F.
• A xangur is also called a xansnake.

Unfriendly creatures, xanyurs can destroy rainforest. Surprisingly, xangurs and xanyums can eat other things when disguised as a snake. When approached, a xansnake will eat anything in sight.


The Mooniac by Ella

The mooniac is a very dangerous monster. It has never been seen by a human before. The mooniac itself can scare people so far away just with its eye.

The mooniac has stripes of blue and orange on its hairy body. It has no feet and one peg leg. On one side of the mooniac’s body, it has two arms and on the other it also has two, although on one side it has blades for fingers and on the other side it has fire for fingers that you can turn on and off. With its sharp horns, the mooniac is a monster of terror. The mooniac’s long, long legs make it taller than a school. It has no mouth, no nose and one eye. The terrific weight of a mooniac is 2,000,000kg.

The mooniac’s habitat (where it lives) is actually underneath buildings. With its enormous nails, the mooniac digs a massive hole down so it can fit through and then covers it up again. It lives in Australia and migrates to America in summer.

The mooniac’s favourite food is furniture, but it also likes to eat children. This might sound weird but this is actually what they eat.

As funny as it sounds, the mooniac mates at around 0-1 years because they don’t like being lonely. They can live for as long as they want. They can hug and see if they like each other.

Did you know?
• The mooniac is only killed by electricity.
• It is scared by spiders.
• It loves eating.
• It absolutely hates being lonely.
• Its fire fingers can only be put out for ever by 100 gallons of water.

The mooniac is scared at night and in the morning (in winter) because it doesn’t like the dark. They don’t like the heat either but they love the cold. This means that they have no duvet covers. They love McDonalds and KFC.