Time Travels to 1666 with Freshwater Theatre Company

Freshwater Theatre Company recently joined Year 2 for an interactive drama workshop. They journeyed back to 1666 with Mary Porter - a resident of Pudding Lane at the time of The Great Fire of London.

As one of the largest theatre-in-education companies in the UK, the Company provides high quality drama workshops to support topics across the entire curriculum. This history-based workshop allowed the children to discover what London was like at the time of The Great Fire, meet the famous diarist Samuel Pepys and debate the rebuilding of the City.

The children recreated what life was like in Pudding Lane beforehand, the causes of the fire, and its aftermath. They also had to opportunity to become the fire, using ribbons and mime in a lovely movement activity.

The children were totally engaged from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed being Time Travellers.