Following in the Footsteps of the Normans

Following in the footsteps of the Normans, Form 1 enjoyed a fascinating visit to historical Tamworth Castle. Sitting in the heart of what was once the principle royal and administrative centre of the Mercian kings, the trip to the castle transported the children back to experience first-hand what life was like in medieval times.

Their journey started in the Grand Dining Room where they helped the Lady’s servant prepare the dining table for the Lord and Lady of the castle. Handling replicas of historical items and through role play they explored the differences between rich and poor, then and now, continuity and change.

An interactive workshop taught them how the Castle was used as a defensive structure, who had lived at the Castle and what it took to be a squire and knight in the medieval times. The children constructed a knight’s armour and looked at the weapons that would have been used. They ended the session participating in a bill drill and marching with a bill hook (a foam one not a real one!)

A whistle-stop tour of the Castle inside and out visiting both the tower and the battlements to look out across the Staffordshire countryside concluded their day.