Champion Spelling Bee Crowned

Our competition to crown Eversfield's top speller culminated in a grand finale spelling shoot-out.  Over 75% of children from Forms 3, 4, 5 and 6 enthusiastically signed-up to compete and raise funds for Zoë's Place Coventry baby hospice.

The competition was tough with class mates initially battling it out, and form winners progressing to go head-to-head across year groups. Many congratulations to Lksh (Form 5) who claimed the crown as Eversfield's Champion Spelling Bee.


Winners Form 3

Vira K
Jonah R


Winners Form 4

Leo G


Winners Form 5

Lksh D (Eversfield's Champion Spelling Bee)
Yuki G


Winners Form 6

Vivienne S
Rajan S