ESA Lucky Dip Christmas Box Tombola

It just wouldn’t be Christmas at Eversfield without the ESA Lucky Dip Christmas Box Tombola. The children all enjoyed visiting the stall which provided a real sense of fun, creativity, and excitement to gift-giving and receiving across the school.
It has become tradition that the boxes are judged, and prizes awarded for the best decorated box from each form.

Congratulations to this year’s winners who were announced by the Headmaster in the end of term assembly.


Kindergarten Zainah
Nursery Ayla
Nursery Arlo
Reception RLW Freddie
Reception RRG Harriet
Form 1RB Maya
Form 1SB Jaya 
Form 2HM Mila
Form 2TS Amelia
Form 3CLC Luke
Form 3NL Mollie
Form 4CH Singh 
Form 4PF Mabel
Form 5ML Raina
Form 5SS Henry
Form 6MS Charlotte
Form 6PR Hiral