Enchanting Beauty and the Beast

The choice of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as this year’s Form 6 play was a bold and ambitious one for several reasons.

Musically and structurally the play is complicated with demandingly complex music requiring lots of part singing and synchronisation between actors and band. Production values needed to be big and lavish in order to support the scale of the production. Finally, the principal characters had significant numbers of lines and lyrics to learn, and we made the logistical decision to involve the whole of Form 6 in as much of the play as we could. Nevertheless, Form 6 pupils rose to the challenge, rehearsing hard for many weeks and, as a result, the audiences were treated to a spectacular production of the highest calibre with some stand-out performances from a number of our talented young actors.

Very well done to the children and many thanks to the parents and staff whose help and support were invaluable in making this another truly memorable Eversfield performance.