Hotly Contested House Match Highlights

After the long enforced absence from team sport, the welcome return of the children to school provided a timely opportunity to get back out on the sports grounds and compete for the Junior and Senior House Cups. 

Junior Cups (Middle School)

The Junior House Netball Cup was contested solely on one match in Form 3. Both teams played with great determination, but the Angles dominated possession and were able to convert more of their shooting chances, winning the match by 3 goals to zero. Form 2 and Form 3 jointly stepped up to the ball to compete for the Junior House Football Cup. The Form 3 match resulted in a resounding victory for the Saxons, winning the game 11-1. In Form 2 three separate matches were played and Angles were able to reverse their fortunes by winning all three games (5-1, 5-0 and 3-0) to secure their position as Junior House Football Cup champions.

Senior Cups (Upper School)

Each year group united to compete for the Senior House Netball Cup. The Form 4 match was won by the Angles 4-1, with the Form 5 match being a 3-3 draw. The Form 6 match was an enthralling 10-10 draw, meaning that Form 4's victory was the deciding fixture and Angles were crowned the Senior House Netball Cup champions.

In football, there were two matches in Form 4 with Angles winning one fixture 8-0 and Saxons winning the other 9-3: honours even so far. The single match in Form 5 was a convincing 11-1 win for Angles. In Form 6 there were two matches played, with Angles needing a draw to take the cup and Saxons needing to win both fixtures. The first match was a comfortable 7-0 win for Saxons, leaving the overall result in the balance as the last match kicked-off. The Angles were winning 1-0 at half time, but a tactical change by the Saxons for the second half, saw them score 2 goals and win 2-1, securing the Senior House Football Cup with the final goal. 



Junior House Netball Cup: Angles

Junior House Football Cup: Angles

Senior House Netball Cup: Angles

Senior House Football Cup: Saxons