Bronze for netball team in hotly-contested skills tournament

The dedication to a pre-school and lunchtime training regime rewarded a team of Year 5 and 6 netball players as they secured third place in the recent hotly-contested Netball Skills Tournament. Organised by the South Solihull Schools Sports Partnership, the tournament bought together over 20 teams from across the borough to compete.

This was no ordinary match-play tournament. This tournament was a test of speed, agility and accuracy as the teams worked against the clock to complete timed challenges including zig-zag chest passes, snake passes, relays and a nerve-racking ten goal shoot-out to finish.

Congratulations to all the team - Emilia, Lucy, Hermione, Olivia, Avani, Chloe, Grace, Tayla, Amielia and Charlotte who took part and secured bronze medal position.