Exceptionally Talented Musician Aidan Joins UK's Musical Elite

A 9-year-old Eversfield Preparatory School pupil has become one of the youngest musicians in the country to achieve an overall result of Distinction for both his Piano and Violin ABRSM Grade 8 examinations.

Aidan Zhao impressed the examiners with his communicative and assured performances securing him 142 marks out of 150 for piano, and 140 marks in his violin examination. It is an astonishing achievement for such a young player and puts Aidan amongst a rare group of extraordinarily talented young musicians across the UK.

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The multi-talented Year Five pupil, who is modest about his musical ability, started to play the piano at the age of 5, and violin at age 6, and enjoys practising his instruments daily for between one and two hours depending on his school and family commitments.  

Commenting on his recent achievement Aidan’s father, Dr Shuai Zhao, who learned to play the accordion as a child and has also taught Aidan to play said: “Aidan feels humbled to call it success. In fact, Aidan is just a normal boy who really enjoys having fun with friends at home and school. He has always been enthusiastic about music lessons - he concentrates well and is very excited when he has the opportunity to perform on stage.”

There is a real passion for music and performance within the generations of the family. Aidan's Grandparents are both professional musicians playing Chinese instruments, erhu and dulcimer, and Aidan's mother learned to play the piano when she was a child and became a Chinese dance choreographer.

Eversfield’s Director of Music, Mr Andrew Biggs, said: “It is rare to see such exceptional talent in such a young musician and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to teach Aidan. His musicality and love of his instruments shines through every time he performs and I’m excited to see where his passion, determination and persistence take him.”

The future looks bright for Aidan who is currently taught by music teachers from the Royal College of Music and is working towards an ABRSM Diploma. His sights are set on a career in music and he hopes to eventually play for a professional orchestra and explore the possibilities of becoming a multi-instrumentalist recording artist and composer.