Make a Mark: Art Workshop

Creative talents were unleashed as a group of Year 6 pupils set about exploring the work of acclaimed artists. 

Their brief was not to attempt to copy, but to explore the possibilities and make their own interpretation of the artists’ work, so their own finished portrayal was ‘in-the-style-of’.

Everyone chose a different artist on which to base their interpretation with the work of Van Gogh, Peter Blake, Henri Rousseau, Claude Monet and Rene Magritte all represented in the final selection, to name a few.

The workshop started with an exercise to overcome the 'fear' of a blank canvas which many young artists experience. Feeling liberated by the warm-up exercise, students then prepared their canvas of newspaper and tissue on which to base their work. While the canvases dried there was opportunity for everyone to research the work and style of their chosen artist.

Using the artists picture as inspiration, students built-up their deconstructed image using acrylics and water-based paints to achieve a finished composition. 

The creative workshop not only provided opportunity for students to make their mark through self-expression, but also encouraged inventiveness, self-discipline and problem-solving skills.