Final Whistle Blows on House Matches 2020

With the fixture list being wiped out this term due to the pandemic, there was even greater anticipation than normal over the annual House Matches being played.

The Junior House Cup was contested by Forms 2 and 3 and the Senior House Cup contested by Forms 4, 5 and 6 with House Teams playing for each year group. In Form 2 all the children took part in a hockey match, while in Forms 3 to 6, the children either played hockey or rugby; depending on which sport they had chosen to play this term. The results across year groups were combined to decide the winner of the cup.

As the only fixture that the children could play this term, the excitement had been building over a few weeks. Once the whistle went and the matches started, all teams displayed great passion and determination for their House in the way they played. The only ingredient missing being the cheers of the crowd, to spur each team on further.

With the final whistle blown, and all the scores tallied, the winners were pronounced in final end of term assembly. 


Winner Senior House Rugby Cup: Saxons 

Under 9s

Angles 4 - 10 Saxons

Under 10s

Angles 18 - 5 Saxons

Under 11s

Angles 0 - 15 Saxons



Winner Senior House Hockey Cup: Angles 

Under 9s

Angles 8 - 0 Saxons

Under 10s A

Angles 3 - 0 Saxons 

Under 10s B

Angles 0 - 2 Saxons 

Under 11s A

Angles 1 - 0 Saxons 

Under 11s B

Angles 0 - 0 Saxons 



Winner Junior House Rugby Cup: Saxons 

Under 8s

Angles 3 - 7 Saxons



Winner Junior House Hockey Cup: Angles 

Under 8s

Angles 2 - 2 Saxons

Form 2TS

Angles 4 - 1 Saxons 

Form 2HM

Angles 3 - 1 Saxons